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This is a collection of my images from the last few years. Particularly as I go through various phases. It includes a lot of long exposures (which I find rather relaxing and peaceful) and there seems to be a growing emphasis on Black & White work.

Anyone who knows me will know why my family and I live as close as we can to Dartmoor and why I personally need to spend so much time there

Some people refer to having a 'spiritual' home, I'm not sure if I fully subscribe to that but I do know that as soon as I get out on the moor (luckily only 10-15 minutes from home) I get a huge smile on my face and all is good with the world, however Its also fair to say that like many Landscape photographers I never cease to be amazed at the amazing light we often get along the Devon and Cornwall coast line.

Photography makes me stop and think, gets me out in the fresh air and over the years has got me to some pretty amazing places, allowed me to witness some amazing light conditions and meet some very talented people.

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