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Sometimes people ask "whats in that huge bag you cart all over the moor"?
Well here goes...

I currently use a combination of:

Canon: EOS 5D MKII, a 7D (mainly for wildlife) and a Powershot G11 when I want to travel light or as a digital notebook.

I carry a collection of Canon lenses from 17 - 400mm which are mainly from the Canon L F4 series family, my beloved Lee filters plus all the outdoor and safety gear that you'd expect to keep you comfortable and safe 'out on the hill’.

The only carry system that I’ve found (and trust me I’ve looked and tried very hard) is the one made by f-stop. I use a Satori exp with a large I.C.U. Initially i was worried the bag may be too big but I’ve found it perfect for carrying all the camera kit I need plus extras like food, water and warm clothing. It’s by far the most versatile and comfortable system I’ve used by a huge margin.

My main love is being out just before or just after bad weather and catching the moor in all its glory. Clothing wise I pretty much use Páramo exclusively to keep warm, dry and keep the sun off.

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